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Jennifer Kingsley Invites You to "Meet the North"

Greystone author Jennifer Kingsley, along with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic, has set out to bring focus to the individual stories of the people of the Arctic. Her project, called "Meet the North," was detailed in the Ottawa Citizen and seems to be a dream project for the Canadian author. In the article, Jennifer notes that the project is "an opportunity to listen to people. That is the most important part of this."

Jennifer has traveled through Arctic communities in Nunavut, Greenland, Iceland, and Svalbard, meeting people and documenting their experiences. Her stories, along with photographs, so far include a men's choir that performs in an abandoned mining building once a year, learning about the "craftwork of sealskin" at a clothing studio, and the preparation of a narwhal caught by a younger member of the community of the Pond Inlet in Nunavut. 

Jennifer has spent over 175 days in the Arctic through Meet the North and has interviewed over 100 people so far. She has also spent a month in Antarctica and plans to travel to West Greenland this month. She will visit Arctic Russia in early 2017. 

Meet the North can be found online at or on Instagram

Jennifer wrote Paddlenorth, a book detailing her 54-day canoe trip in the subarctic. 


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