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"Killer Whale" Wins SWCC Book Award

We're happy to announce that Mark Leiren-Young's The Killer Whale Who Changed the World is the recipient of the Science Writers and Communicators (SWCC) Book Award. The Killer Whale Who Changed the World is the fascinating and heartbreaking account of the first publicly exhibited captive killer whale, Moby Doll—a story that forever changed the way we see orcas and sparked the movement to save them.

The SWCC jury had this to say about the book:

The Killer Whale Who Changed the World is a riveting and uniquely Canadian science story about how the first observations of a captive orca transformed the understanding of this species and inspired an international conservation effort. It unfolds through lively narrative filled with suspense, clarity and humour to reveal the pivotal role played by a group of Canadian scientists, businessmen and the founding director of the Vancouver Aquarium. The author, science journalist Mark Leiren-Young, chased the story for almost 20 years. We unanimously wish to honour his effort and persistence in chasing and investigating this story, as well as underlying the originality and ongoing relevance of the story. The Killer Whale Who Changed the World is a must read by all who care about nature, species conservation, and animal welfare, and an eloquent example of excellent science journalism.

You can read more here

We are thrilled to see this worthy book honoured with the SWCC Book Award. We look forward to the tale of Moby Doll enthralling many more readers to come. 



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