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Good News For a Change

How Everyday People are Helping the Planet

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  • ISBN: 9781926685212
  • Tags: David Suzuki, Holly Dressel, Nature & Environment,
  • Published On: 08/07/2003
  • 399 Pages

The litany of environmental bad news -- rapid extinction of species, pollution, depleted food sources -- can be overwhelming, but there's hope too. In this thoughtful look at whatís happening behind the grim headlines, authors David Suzuki and Holly Dressel show that thousands of individuals, groups, and businesses are already changing their ways. They highlight the growing number of profitable companies with a positive presence in their communities, activists and Third World villages practicing true participatory democracy, farmers and ranchers sharing their land with other species -- even some governments, local and national, basing economic development on an eco-friendly model. The technologies needed to make a better world, say the authors, are already within reach -- and being used. This practical, inspiring guide to saving the planet is based on the true stories of ordinary people who are doing it every day.

Published in partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation

David Suzuki is an internationally renowned geneticist and environmentalist and a recipient of UNESCO’s Kalinga Prize for the Popularization of Science and the 2009 Right Livelihood Award. Host of the longrunning CBC television program The Nature of Things, he is also the author of more than fifty books.

Holly Dressel, co-author of From Naked Ape to Superspecies, has been a writer and researcher for television, film, and radio for twenty years and has worked for CBC TV's The Nature of Things. She lives near Montreal, Quebec.