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Straight from the Top

The Truth about Air Canada

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  • ISBN: 9781553651277
  • Tags: Biography & Memoir, John Reynolds, Robert Milton,
  • Dimensions: 5.875 x 8.75
  • Published On: 1/19/2006
  • 280 Pages

As President and CEO of Canada's largest and most influential airline, Robert Milton has presided over the most tumultuous period of the airline industry's history. He gives us his forthright, brutally honest views about the challenges of his job, as well as his vision for Air Canada as it restructures itself into a cost-competitive, full-service airline. Milton goes behind the boardroom doors to reveal the truth about events in the past decade. In addition, Milton explains what drives his passion for this business and offers a fascinating glimpse into the workings of a major airline. Milton is admired by many as an industry visionary and brilliant airline strategist, and his impact on the international airline industry has been significant. This book is sure to appeal to anyone interested in what makes the man tick or in what the future holds for Air Canada.

Robert A. Milton graduated in 1983 from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Management. He lives in Montreal with his wife and two children.

John Lawrence Reynolds is the author of almost two dozen non-fiction books, including Bubbles, Bankers and Bailouts, the national bestseller The Naked Investor, and Free Rider: How a Bay Street Whiz Kid Stole and Spent $20 Million, winner of the National Business Book Award. He has also won two Arthur Ellis Awards for best mystery novel, a National Magazine Award, and an Author's Award from the Foundation for the Advancement of Canadian Letters. He lives in Burlington, Ontario.


"A unique view from a captain of a corporate ship caught in the eye of a hurricane." -Globe & Mail

"An intimate, topside view of the airline business . . . informative and relevant." -Airliners: The World's Airline Magazine