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  • ISBN: 9781550542233
  • Tags: Mary-Ellen Lang Collura,
  • Dimensions: 4.25 x 6.95
  • Published On: 09/01/1992
  • 144 Pages

At fifteen Jordy Threebears had seen enough foster homes. Now he was returning to the Ash Creek Reserve, to live with a grandfather he hardly knows, with no idea of the trouble ahead of him. For Jordy, the years of resentment and anger prove difficult to overcome until he receives the gift of a wild mare. With his horse Siksika, Jordy gains a companion as well as the determination to beat the odds. But Fred Brady's unexplainable hatred of Jordy threatens the boy's chance for happiness.

Winners marks the arrival of a new and exciting author in the field of fiction for young readers. This dramatic story of a boy struggling for his identity in a world that has brought only bitterness and despair ensures a memorable reading experience.

Mary-Ellen Lang Collura is a part-time English teacher. She lives on a farm near Parksville, British Columbia, with her husband and sons and an assortment of animals including horses, goats and a pony.