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Stay, Little Seed

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  • ISBN: 9781771646468
  • Tags: Children's Books, Cristiana Valentini, Philip Giordano,
  • Dimensions: 9.25 x 10.5
  • Published On: 04/07/2020
  • 32 Pages

A moving tale of love, fear, and the courage of letting go.

Beyond the hill where the tree lives, lies Who Knows Where. Every year when the wind blows, the tree’s seeds sail to this mysterious place—until the day an especially tiny seed decides to remain on its branch. At first, the tree feels the seed should leave. If it doesn’t, it will never grow roots of its own. But the tree also feels lonely, and Who Knows Where is…who knows?

This strikingly illustrated picture book celebrates the rhythms of the natural world as it gently reminds parents and children that letting go and being brave can lead to life’s greatest adventures.

Cristiana Valentini is a children’s book author who works in animation in addition to writing for children and contributing to fashion magazines. Her first children’s books were published with ZooLibri in Italy, where she is based. Stay, Little Seed remains her most loved book.

Philip Giordano is an illustrator and animator whose work has been selected for the American illustration Annual, Communication Arts Illustration Annual, 3x3 Illustration Annual, and the Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards. His illustrations have received international recognition and awards including the Silver Medal by the Society of Illustrators; the White Raven Award; and the International Illustration Prize, Bologna.