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Greystone is pleased to offer an internship year round to university students and recent graduates who wish to learn more about the publishing industry and all aspects of the publishing process. Those interested in applying for an internship should be willing to work at the centre of the publishing process and be prepared to participate in and undertake administrative tasks. Every effort will be made to encourage interns to experience the various functions of the publishing process.

To apply for this internship, please send your resume and a cover letter detailing your interests to

"Interning at Greystone Books has helped me discover and enjoy many different aspects of the publishing industry. The valuable and transferrable skills I've acquired have helped me improve my own business. With in-house coaching from Greystone's brilliant staff, I took an active role in the behind-the-scenes creation and dissemination of exciting books. What more can a book lover ask for?"

—Alison Strobel, proofreader at