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The Unlikely Hero

The Story of Wolf 8 (A Young Readers' Edition)

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  • ISBN: 9781778400223
  • Tags: All Books, David A. Poulsen, Middle-Grade Readers, Rick McIntyre,
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
  • Published On: 4/16/2024
  • 120 Pages

For readers of Pax and A Wolf Called Wander comes the action and adventure story of one of Yellowstone’s most famous animals, Wolf 8: a runt of the litter who surprised scientists by becoming a powerful leader.

A true story from world-renowned wolf researcher Rick McIntyre and award-winning author David A. Poulsen. “Reading Rick McIntyre’s books, it’s like you’re out there with him, seeing what he sees.” —Lilly Sullivan, This American Life

Newly reintroduced along with his pack to Yellowstone National Park, Wolf 8 struggles at first. Small and bullied by his siblings, he must learn to fend for himself in his new home, learning to hunt, compete for food, and even stand up to a grizzly bear 10 times his size. One day, little 8 meets an alpha female raising a litter of pups on her own. Her mate was killed by humans. Can little 8 rise to the occasion and help the young family survive? Is he ready to be an alpha wolf?

Based on McIntyre’s own sightings of Wolf 8 and told in a thrilling style, The Unlikely Hero is an unforgettable adventure—and a rare glimpse into the fascinating world of wolves and a coming-of-age story for underdogs everywhere.

A Young Reader’s Edition of The Rise of Wolf 8

Book 1 in the Chronicles of the Yellowstone Wolves Book Series!

Renowned wolf expert Rick McIntyre and award-winning author David A. Poulsen join forces to bring the stories of Yellowstone's most famous wolves to young readers. Based on McIntyre's award-winning, bestselling books for adult readers, and containing a wealth of scientifically sound information on wolf behavior, this series is written in an engaging style that brings the drama and intrigue of the wolves' world to life.

Rick McIntyre has spent more than forty-four years watching wolves in America’s national parks, twenty-eight of those years in Yellowstone, and has written several books about the wolves for adult readers. To learn more visit

David A. Poulsen is the author of twenty-seven books, many for middle readers and young adults. His young adult novel Numbers was selected for the Sakura Medal (awarded by English speaking high school students in Japan to their favourite novel of the year). His teen/YA novel And Then the Sky Exploded was a nominee for the 2018 Ontario Library Association’s Red Maple Award. To learn more about David and his work, visit