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This Table

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  • ISBN: 9781771645829
  • Tags: Alex Killian, All Books, Brooke Smart, Children's Books,
  • Dimensions: 11 x 9
  • Published On: 5/28/2024
  • 36 Pages

For fans of Sophie Blackall’s Farmhouse comes a gorgeous story of one table and the life that grows around it.

This moving picture book traces a table and its transformation: from a seed to a tree to a treasured object in a home. Strong and stable through the years, the table becomes a space for being together: for birthday parties and science projects, and meals big and small. With captivating text and lush illustrations, This Table will inspire conversations about the everyday, ordinary objects in our lives, and their role in creating lifelong memories.

The table was strong and stable.
It was placed in the middle of a room in the middle of a house, and life grew up around it.
It was perfect for birthday cakes
and catching a slice of morning light,
for drawing imaginary worlds, and unfolding maps to discover real ones.

Alex Killian is a picture book author whose debut picture book, This Table, will be followed by In-Between Places. She comes from a film background, and she has worked in both film production and creative development. Alex still has a handmade wooden table she picked up after college, which has occupied a special spot in her living places in San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as in her current home in Long Beach, California.

Brooke Smart lives with her husband and three children in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her work appears in children’s books, children’s magazines, newspapers, and on walls of buildings near and far. She loves working with traditional media, especially with watercolor, gouache, and (on occasion) acrylic paint. Much of her time is spent at her kitchen table with her family—eating, playing board games for endless hours, creating imaginary worlds from Legos or paper or cardboard and, of course, drawing.