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The Diabetes Code Journal

The Official Workbook for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Through Healthy Eating and Fasting

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  • ISBN: 9781778400964
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  • Dimensions: 6 x 9
  • Published On: 10/17/2023
  • 152 Pages

A companion journal to The Diabetes Code from Dr. Jason Fung, New York Times-bestselling author, creator of The Obesity Code and "founder of intermittent fasting."(The Daily Mail)

Praise for The Diabetes Code:

"Unabashedly provocative yet practical... a clear blueprint for everyone to take control of their blood sugar, their health, and their lives."—Dr. Will Cole

"An important and timely book."—Dr. Mark Hyman

"Should be taught to medical students and residents."—Family Medicine Journal

The Diabetes Code Journal begins by outlining Dr. Fung's trademark, proven approach to treating type 2 diabetes: intermittent fasting and a low carb, healthy high fat diet that has helped thousands of people lose weight and transform their health for good.

Modeled on the groundbreaking approach outlined in The Diabetes Code, this 12-week journal includes:

  • Space to record your daily food intake
  • Tools for monitoring glucose spikes and dips
  • A fun weekly challenge!
  • Mindfulness prompts for developing a positive relationship with food
  • A selection of recipes from The Diabetes Code Cookbook
  • A shopping list
  • With Dr. Fung's empathetic approach and science-backed information and tips, The Diabetes Code Journal offers a daily practice that anyone can follow. Get ready to kickstart your journey to better health today!

    Dr. Jason Fung is a New York Times bestselling author whose books have helped thousands of people lose weight, prevent and reverse disease, and improve their overall health.