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Eavesdropping on Animals

Eavesdropping on Animals

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  • ISBN: 9781778400209
  • Tags: All Books, Animals, Nature & Environment,
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5
  • Published On: 10/15/2024
  • 272 Pages

From a Yellowstone wildlife guide, learn to tap into animal sounds and decode the secret conversations happening all around you.

“An engaging guide to a world of wonders hiding in plain sight.”—Peter Wohlleben, New York Times bestselling author of The Inner Life of Animals and The Hidden Life of Trees

Humans once relied on the calls of wild animals to understand the natural world and their place within it. Now, this remarkable guide reveals what our ancestors knew long ago—that tuning in to the owl in the tree, the deer in the gully, can tell us important information and help us feel connected to our wild community.

Wildlife ecologist George Bumann shares fascinating stories and insights he has gained from leading animal intelligence tours in Yellowstone National Park alongside tips, tricks, and advice for readers living in urban, suburban and rural areas. As Bumann clearly shows, you don’t need an exotic vacation for wildlife encounters; listening to and observing creatures in your own backyard, on nearby trails, and in local parks, fields, and forests can lead to extraordinary experiences and a profound sense of belonging.

Are you ready to eavesdrop on your wild neighbors? Are you ready to learn how to tell a warning call from a mating call, a purr of satisfaction from idle chatter? Then this book is for you!

George Bumann leads field seminars on the intelligence of animals in Yellowstone National Park and, with his wife Jenny, runs an online course, “Eavesdropping on Wild Conversations.” He has a master’s degree in Wildlife Ecology and is a wildlife sculptor whose work can be found in galleries around the world.

Jon Young grew up in New Jersey and was mentored from the age of ten as a naturalist and tracker by a master tracker into his early adulthood. He is passionate about teaching the benefits of connecting deeply with the natural world. He lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California.