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Hormone Power

Transform Your Diet, Transform Your Life

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  • ISBN: 9781771643559
  • Tags: Food & Drink, Health & Wellness, Marjolein Dubbers,
  • Dimensions: 6 x 9
  • Published On: 4/14/2019
  • 304 Pages
  • ISBN: 9781771643566
  • Tags: Food & Drink, Health & Wellness, Marjolein Dubbers,

Simple tips and recipes to help women balance their hormones, boost their energy, and change their lives.

What if you could feel happier, more energized, and less stressed, simply by changing the way you eat? In this informative book, vitality expert Marjolein Dubbers offers effective, easy-to-follow advice women can use to take charge of their hormones, improve their mood, and transform their health—one bite at a time.

In clear, upbeat language, Hormone Power reveals the ins and outs of the endocrine system, explaining how estrogen, progesterone, insulin, cortisol, thyroid hormones, leptin, and ghrelin work in the body—and why they so often let women down. Debunking diet myths, Dubbers shares practical tips for how to harness these important hormones and improve everything from unwanted weight gain to low libido, menstrual pain to menopause symptoms. Along the way, she provides innovative ways to incorporate healthy habits into daily life, including delicious recipes for homemade granola, green breakfast smoothies, mouthwatering avocado lemon tarts, and more.

Marjolein Dubbers discovered the powerful relationship between lifestyle, hormones, and energy several years ago, when she overcame a major personal burnout by changing her diet. Today, she is a vitality coach, inspirational speaker, bestselling author, and creator of the popular Dutch website the Energetic Women’s Academy. She lives in the Netherlands.