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Greystone Reading Guides

At Greystone Books, we publish high-quality non-fiction on everything from science to sports and health to herpetology! And we're committed to making our books accessible and enjoyable for as many purposes as possible. So we are proud to offer reading guides for some of our most fitting and popular titles. 

These free PDF downloads include a variety of materials, such as discussion questions, key facts, author Q&As, and more! They may be useful to book clubs, in classrooms, or simply for interested individuals who want to go "beyond the text."  

To download, just click "Reading Guide" or the cover image for the book you're interested in below. This list will grow over time, and we welcome your comments and suggestions – CONTACT US.

Simply click a cover to download your guide today! [Or see the links list below]

Available Reading Guides:
The Hidden Life of Trees, by Peter Wohlleben [Reading Guide]
The Inner Life of Animals, by Peter Wohlleben [Reading Guide]
The Obesity Code, by Dr. Jason Fung [Reading Guide]
Tuco and the Scattershot World, by Brian Brett [Reading Guide]

Children's Books:
The Dog, by Helen Mixter & Margarita Sada [Teachers' & Parents' Guide]