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A Place between the Tides

A Naturalist's Reflections on the Salt Marsh

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  • ISBN: 9781553650355
  • Tags: Harry Thurston, Nature & Environment, Science,
  • Dimensions: 5.25 x 7.5
  • Published On: 04/01/2004
  • 240 Pages

Based upon childhood memory and his naturalist's journals, A Place between the Tides is the story of Harry Thurston's return to the beloved environment of his boyhood when he moves to the Old Marsh on the banks of the Tidnish River in Nova Scotia. The book describes the seasons in the life of the marsh as filtered through two decades of Thurston's living there.

Blending acute analysis and a poet's lyricism,Thurston explores and examines one of the most productive and biologically diverse habitats on Earth. This is a story of the salt marsh, but it is also the story of a personal odyssey, a homecoming for Thurston as a naturalist, culminating in the re-discovery of the bounty of nature where land meets sea.

Harry Thurston is the author of several collections of poetry and twelve nonfiction books, including Tidal Life: A Natural History of the Bay of Fundy, winner of three non-fiction prizes in the Atlantic region; The Nature of Shorebirds: Nomads of the Wetlands; and A Place Between the Tides: A Naturalist's Reflections on the Salt Marsh, which received the 2005 Sigrid Olson Nature Writing Award in the United States and was shortlisted for the 2005 BC Award for Canadian Non-Fiction. He has also written for such magazines as Audubon, Canadian Geographic, and National Geographic. Thurston lives in Nova Scotia.


"Part memoir, part natural history, the 232-page book . . . chronicles a year in the life of the 1.5-hectare marsh bordering Thurston's backyard." -The Chronicle Herald