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Canada’s Top 100

The Greatest Athletes of All Time

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  • ISBN: 9781553655572
  • Tags: Maggie Mooney, Sports & Recreation,
  • Dimensions: 9.25 x 11.5
  • Published On: 5/17/2010
  • 144 Pages

Reminisce about the exploits and achievements of Rocket Richard, Larry Walker, Steve Nash, and Nancy Greene, as well as Clara Hughes, Elvis Stojko, Lionel Conacher, Gaetan Boucher, and Lennox Lewis. Remember the thrill of watching Bobby Orr, Sandra Post, Rick Hansen, Barbara Ann Scott, Percy Williams, and eighty-six more. Who's number one? Which athletes rank in the top ten? Sports fans love a good argument, and this book is sure to spark debate, discussion, and national pride, while acknowledging the joy, athleticism, strength, and diversity of Canadian athletes. The list of 100 athletes was compiled by a team of veteran journalists and sports experts, including "the voice of the Vancouver Canucks," Jim Robson; ace writer Jim Taylor; the Vancouver Province's Cam Cole; the Globe and Mail's Gary Mason; Canadian Sports Hall of Fame advisory board member Wendy Long; Toronto Star's Mary Jollimore, cbc Radio's Robin Brown; and many others.

Maggie Mooney is a writer, editor, and community worker. She is author of Canada's Top 100: The Greatest Athletes of All Time, and co-author of Nobel's Women of Peace. She lives on Gabriola Island, British Columbia.