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Feet, Don't Fail Me Now

The Rogue's Guide to Running the Marathon

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  • ISBN: 9781771000734
  • Tags: Ben Kaplan, Sports & Recreation,
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
  • Published On: 11/29/2013
  • 256 Pages
  • ISBN: 9781771000741
  • Tags: Ben Kaplan, Sports & Recreation,
  • Published On: 12/06/2013
  • 256 Pages

How to go from couch potato to marathon runner in one year, without losing your cool.

Ben Kaplan has transformed himself from an average guy—and degenerate barfly—into a dedicated runner who qualified for the Boston Marathon. Now, the National Post running columnist shares his strategy in this guide to preparing for a marathon in one year, even if you have never run before. The book provides a week-by-week training program, along with critical information about nutrition, hydration, race strategy, pacing, and proper form, with input from experts from around the world. Kaplan also writes about music for the National Post and includes recommendations for songs to run to by musicians he has interviewed, from Paul Simon to Justin Bieber.

Ben Kaplan writes about running and music for the National Post and Born in Brooklyn, he has worked as a staff writer at GQ and New York magazine. He lives in Toronto.


"A unique and riveting read. Entertaining, informative, and inspiring.” -John Stanton, founder of the Running Room

"Equal parts inspiring and practical, Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now makes the inaccessible art of running accessible, fun, and meaningful." -Jesse Eisenberg, actor and runner

"I loved Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now. This is the book I’d recommend to any marathon hopeful." —Bill Rodgers, four-time winner of both the Boston Marathon and New York Marathon

"I love that this book is funny; boy, do we runners need that! It’s also as practical as running from one mailbox to the next with no concern for flashy gear. And surprise!; it’s delightfully musical." -Kathrine Switzer, first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon and author of Marathon Woman

"The most interesting running book I have ever read. It suits both recreational and professional runners, for it shares life experiences from the best in the world. The part about how to avoid injuries is quite true―it's what I've used my entire career." -Hon. Wesley Korir, MP, Cherangany, Kenya, and 2012 Boston Marathon Champion

"Kaplan not only compiles some of the best advice and research about running from the world’s top experts, but he effortlessly relays it all to the reader in a relatable and easy to understand way." -The Active Times

"Part training manual, part running guide and part celebrity playlist, Ben Kaplan’s Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now is a frenetically paced and exciting running book. The user-friendly structure is perfect for the complete beginner, but will also appeal to veteran runners looking for some insight." -Canadian Running Magazine

"An irreverent, light-hearted, yet informative guide to the serious business of running… that has the potential to be well-worn by many new runners in the years to come." -Publishers Weekly Web Exclusive

"[Kaplan's] hybrid approach of personal experience, reference to experts, and his music recommendations makes for an entertaining book that may appeal beyond the usual readership, providing motivation for novice runners." -Library Journal