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I Am a Courageous Cub

I Am a Courageous Cub

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  • ISBN: 9781771646406
  • Tags: All Books, Children's Books,
  • Dimensions: 10 x 8
  • Published On: 9/3/2024
  • 48 Pages

For kids ages 3-7, this second book in the “I Am Mindful” series is a fun and playful introduction to finding confidence and courage. The follow up to I Am a Peaceful Goldfish!

When we are feeling scared or discouraged, moving our bodies—and a bit of imagination—can foster confidence and courage. In this simple yet powerful story, two children discover how to feel calm and courageous by striking poses, pretending they are courageous cubs, mighty mountains, speedy, sure dragonflies, and even shooting stars!

From former kindergarten and physical education teacher Shoshana Chaim, this second book in the “I Am Mindful” series shares:

  • Engaging techniques that build bravery and self-confidence
  • A reminder that it’s okay to feel nervous!
I Am a Courageous Cub teaches kids how to be mindful, giving them control over their minds and bodies—an essential, easy-to-learn life skill.

Book #2 in the I Am Mindful series! This series on mindfulness for young children introduces playful and imaginative techniques designed for the entire family to navigate overwhelming emotions with ease and confidence. The simplicity of the stories and relatable characters allow children of all ages to connect with the everyday challenges they face. By consistently practicing the mindfulness methods depicted in these books, children can cultivate skills that are readily applicable in various real-life situations. These abilities serve as a sturdy foundation for resilience throughout their lives.

Shoshana Chaim is a former kindergarten and physical education teacher turned wellness expert. After the birth of her children and a family health scare, she wanted to concentrate on giving people of all ages the tools they would need to achieve and maintain ultimate health. She enjoys teaching children's yoga, interviewing guests on The Plant Trainers Podcast, and helping families make lifestyle changes that truly impact their health and quality of life. She lives in Toronto with her inspirational husband and two amazing children.

As a young girl, Lori Joy Smith’s weekly trips to the library with her father sparked her love for reading and children’s books. As a teenager, she lived in Italy and visited some of the most beautiful museums in Europe, which left her wanting nothing more than to make art herself. Now Lori gets to put these two loves together every day, working as an artist and illustrator. Lori lives on PEI with her husband, two girls, three cats, two bunnies, one dog, and two sheep. She loves making art, walking in the forest, watching the stars, drinking coffee, growing flowers, and—most of all—reading to her own girls every night before they go to sleep.