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In Pursuit of Garlic

An Intimate Look at the Divinely Odorous Bulb

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  • ISBN: 9781553656029
  • Tags: Food & Drink, Liz Primeau, Nature & Environment,
  • Published On: 28/02/2012
  • 208 Pages

Packed with fascinating facts, practical advice, recipes, and engaging personal stories, In Pursuit of Garlic is a paean to this spellbinding, versatile, and tasty little vegetable.

For much of the past century, garlic has been dismissed by many as vulgar. Today it is undergoing a renaissance. Not only are more people cooking with it, but they are also growing it in their backyards. And scientists are increasingly interested in garlic's antibiotic, antifungal, and anti-parasitic qualities, as well as its potential as a treatment for cancer.

Bestselling author Liz Primeau's love affair with garlic began when her teenaged boyfriend took her to an Italian restaurant. Now she leads us on a tour of garlic's role in history, art, medicine, and science. She also discusses the many varieties of garlic—from Russian Red to Kettle River Giant—visits garlic fairs in search of France's elusive L'ail Rose, and explores the issue of the ubiquitous Chinese garlic. Inviting us into her kitchen, she shares garlic-centred recipes, tips on growing your own, and the secret of the knife smack.

Liz Primeau is the author of numerous books on gardening, including My Natural History and the bestselling Front Yard Gardens. She is also the founding editor of Canadian Gardening magazine and the former host of Canadian Gardening Television on HGTV. She frequently gives talks at horticultural society meetings and garden shows across Canada and the United States. She lives in Mississauga, Ontario.


"In Pursuit of Garlic is . . . packed with fascinating facts, practical advice on growing, curing and storage, recipes and personal stories telling the story of the vegetable that Primeau says has 'made an appearance in the life of almost everyone who has ever lived.'" -Judy Creighton, Winnipeg Free Press

"Primeau does a wonderful job introducing us to garlic and its role in history, art, medicine and science. She then gets into the many garlic varieties, from Russian Red to Kettle River Giant. Her chapter on how to plant, grow, feed and harvest it is a must-read for garlic growers." -Calgary Herald

Incredibly well researched, with a wealth of information on this magical plant and great recipes too, this book will certainly find a valued place in my culinary library.” -John Bishop

"In Pursuit of Garlic: An Intimate Look at the Divinely Odorous Bulb, by Liz Primeau, absolutely sparkles. Whether you're a garlic eater, a garlic cook or a garlic grower, or just enjoy a great read, you will enjoy this book." -Globe & Mail

"In Pursuit of Garlic, which took the author two years to research and write, is packed with fascinating facts, practical advice and engaging personal stories. For good measure, Primeau throws in some recipes by well-known chefs in which garlic stars." -Mississauga News

"Primeau's well-researched ode joins a growing category of single-ingredient books that explore humble staples . . . If these explorations sometimes read like spy thrillers, that's because there's a lot of lore to cover, especially for garlic." -Nathalie Atkinson, National Post

"Finally we get another fine piece of written work from Liz Primeau! The power of garlic takes on new meaning with this book. You will not look at a clove of garlic the same ever again." -Mark Cullen

"Of all the authors of articles and books written over the years about garlic, Liz Primeau's In Pursuit of Garlic is supreme." -Chester Aaron

"Primeau offers numerous suggestions for planting, cooking and eating garlic, making the book worth the price of admission." -Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

"Primeau writes In Pursuit of Garlic in a conversational style that is a treat to read . . . [Her] honesty and wry humour will reassure the average cook and gardener . . . Primeau knows what readers really want - gardening tips for the Canadian climate and recipes."
-Harriet Zaidman, Winnipeg Free Press

"This may be the ultimate book on garlic! . . . If you have only ever thought of garlic as something to be added to a recipe, and only because it's called for in the recipe, then you need this book." -Betty Kowall, Waterloo Region Record

"This small-format paperback with a sturdy cover, In Pursuit of Garlic, is not a cookbook, though dedicated cooks (no doubt also serious about their garlic) will enjoy reading it. Liz Primeau is an excellent writer, full of little stories and anecdotes all related to garlic . . . "
-San Francisco Book Review