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Papa Goose

One Year, Seven Goslings, and the Flight of My Life

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  • ISBN: 9781771643610
  • Tags: Biography & Memoir, Jane Billinghurst, Literary Non-fiction, Michael Quetting, Nature & Environment, Science, Stacey O'Brien, Travel & Adventure,
  • Dimensions: 5.25 x 7.5
  • Published On: 9/18/2018
  • 248 Pages

In Papa Goose, Michael Quetting shares the hilarious and moving true story of how he became a father to seven rambunctious goslings—and the surprising things he learned along the way. Starting right at the beginning, with the eggs, his journey takes him from the incubator all the way to the airstrip, where he must attempt to teach the geese to fly as part of an ambitious scientific research initiative for the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, which tracks animal migrations around the world. For the next eleven months, we follow the newly minted dad as he takes the goslings on daily swims in the lake, tracks them down when they go astray, and watches their personalities develop: feisty, churlish, and lovable. Packed with charm and humor, Papa Goose quickly draws us into the adventure as Gloria, Nemo, and the rest of the crew conquer land, water, and air.

Michael Quetting is a laboratory manager at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, a pilot, a bird lover, a bestselling author, and father to two human children.

Stacey O’Brien is the author of the New York Times bestseller Wesley the Owl. Trained as a biologist specializing in wild animal behavior, she now works as a wildlife rescuer and rehabilitation expert with a variety of local animals.


"Papa Goose is destined to become a classic. This book has everything in it I love: great animals beautifully portrayed as individuals; cool science; drama, discovery, and personal transformation." —Sy Montgomery, author of Birdology and The Soul of An Octopus

"Papa Goose is a wonderful book, full of astute observation and interesting ornithological facts." —The Australian

"Papa Goose is easy-to-read and incredibly moving."Psychology Today

"Often hilarious and full of wonder." —Jefferson City News Tribune

"Papa Goose is a charming, expertly crafted blend of Quetting's research into geese and love for them as his animal family. The adopted scientist father of this gaggle is an expert in bird biology - but he also knows there is much more to life than what scientific instruments can tell us.” —Jim Robbins, author of The Man Who Planted Trees and The Wonder of Birds

"Anyone who has loved will relate to this book as I did. I read it through the night, twice. If you liked Wesley the Owl, you will love this book, too." —Stacey O’Brien, author of Wesley the Owl

"This book resonates with me. It’s true to its title and a real page-turner. Full of life and love, it’s destined to capture the hearts of readers for generations to come." —Bernd Heinrich, author of One Wild Bird at a Time and The Naturalist's Notebook

"An inspiring and informative read for anyone wondering about birds and a scientific life. But be warned, your appetite for Christmas goose will fade with every page." —John Marzluff, author of Gifts of the Crow and Welcome to Subirdia

"If you wonder how close the connection between birds and people can possibly get, then this heart-warming and highly entertaining account is for you." —Bernd Brunner, author of Birdmania

"I so enjoyed this charming and sensitive story about a man who sets out to study the behavior and flight patterns of seven young geese and then realizes, to his great surprise, that his goose family is teaching him important lessons about why nature matters and what it means to be human." —John Aitchison, author of The Shark and the Albatross

"Often when one immerses one’s self into the lives of other species, we discover we have much in common. Michael Quetting’s adventures with geese is a sterling example.” —Dr. George Archibald, co-founder of the International Crane Foundation and author of My Life with Cranes