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Seasons of the Arctic

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  • ISBN: 9781550547306
  • Tags: Art & Photography, Hugh Brody, Nature & Environment, Paul Nicklen,
  • Dimensions: 11 x 10.5
  • Published On: 08/01/2000
  • 128 Pages

In this stunning collection of photographs, Paul Nicklen unveils the soul of one of the worldís last great wilderness preserves—the Arctic. During his twenty-five years of living in the North, Nicklen has ventured to the most distant and untouched corners of the Arctic; his work is a celebration of this vast land. These superb images are complemented by the poetic text of Hugh Brody, who spent several years living in the North. He describes the six seasons identified by the Inuit, the true experts of the Arctic, and expresses the power of the Arctic to inspire and the passion he feels for this unique place. Together, text and photographs offer a fascinating glimpse into this rare and beautiful world.

Hugh Brody is a writer and filmmaker. He is the author of Indians on Skid Row, Inishkillane: Change and Decline in the West of Ireland, The People's Land, Living Arctic and, with Michael Ignatieff, of 1919.

Paul Nicklen was raised in a tiny Inuit village on Baffin Island and has lived all but the first three years of his life in Canada's North. His internationally acclaimed photographs have appeared in many publications, including Natural History, International Wildlife, Time and National Geographic. Trained as a biologist, Nicklen is also an experienced wilderness guide. He lives in Whitehorse, Yukon.