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The Doctor is In(sane)

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  • ISBN: 9781926812076
  • Tags: David Hepburn, Health & Wellness,
  • Published On: 02/03/2009
  • 256 Pages


The ""Dave Barry of medicine"" takes on the foibles of human health in this wildly funny collection.

Irreverent yet authoritative, Dr. Dave's practical medical advice for everyday ailments is entertaining and informative. In the style of Dave Barry and Rick Reilly, GP and well-loved syndicated columnist, Dr. Dave takes on all kinds of health issues, including smoking (""the nicotine patch works best when placed directly over the mouth""), dandruff (""a funny little fungus called malassezia furfur-need a real unique name for the next kid?""), and the body mass index (""useless, corrupt and irrelevant, the Chicago Cubs of measurements"").

The opinionated and irreverent Dr. Dave also provides authoritative, uptodate, and practical advice about commonplace conditions and remedies while poking fun at his patients, Britney Spears, lawn bowling, and, most of all, himself.

Whether he's relating the need to reseed receding hairlines or meditating on the Museum of Menstruation, Dr. Dave holds nothing back.


David "Dr. Dave" Hepburn, MD, is an award-winning columnist who has been called the "Dave Barry of medicine" and the "Patch Adams of the podium." His column was syndicated in more than one hundred newspapers throughout Canada and the United States . He is also an in-demand speaker and the incoming host of the popular Wise Quacks! show on Canada's Corus Radio. He was a track team doctor in the Atlanta Olympic Games and medical director for gymnastics for the 1994 Commonwealth Games. A former Canadian Air Force doctor, Dr. Dave served in the 1991 Persian Gulf War aboard the HMCS Huron. Dr. Dave lives, practices, and plays hockey in Victoria , British Columbia.


"Dr. Dave packs legit medical information and advice into his column and radio shows . . . in part [as] a reaction to pedantic 'tough-to-choke-through' medical information typically presented to both professionals and the public. Dr. Dave figures if he makes his stuff fun to read, then the information is more easily ingested." -Victoria Times Colonist

"It's easy to see why Hepburn, who lives in Victoria, BC, peppers his medical advice and information with anecdotes and jokes . . . If you're into humour with your medicine, check it out." -Calgary Herald