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The Naked Truth

The Untold Story of Sex in Canada

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  • ISBN: 9781553650157
  • Tags: Chris Gudgeon, Health & Wellness,
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
  • Published On: 10/01/2003
  • 256 Pages

Even more than hockey, what unites Canadians from coast to coast is sex. Inspired by a recent poll that ranked Canadians among the sexiest peoples on Earth, Chris Gudgeon set out to investigate the truth about sex and sexuality in Canada. Based on original research and interviews with historians, sexperts, and social commentators, his book covers everything from homosexuality (officially illegal in Canada until 1969) to scandals (like the Munsinger Affair, where a woman actually had sex with members of the Diefenbaker cabinet) to censorship, to Canada's version of the sexual revolution (which saw men in Toronto freely engaging in intercourse with their spouses).

Bracketed by visits to two of Canada's nude beaches, in Vancouver and Halifax, Gudgeon's explorations take him to a pei swing club, a Montreal strip club, a Toronto gay bar, and an Edmonton porn movie theatre, as well as other adventures.
Finally, Gudgeon talks to sociologists, police officers, and futurists about the future of sex in Canada and how technology will change the way we love each other. Will we slip from our standing as the world's seventh best lover? Or will we rise to new virtual sexual heights?

Chris Gudgeon is the author of several books, including Stan Rogers, You're Not as Good as You Think You Are, and the wonderfully hilarious Consider the Fish. He lives in Victoria, British Columbia.