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World Class Hockey Trivia

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  • ISBN: 9781553654841
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  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
  • Published On: 9/14/2009
  • 152 Pages

Celebrating the favourite winter sport played around the world, here is the ultimate international trivia book on hockey.

Though hockey is traditionally thought of as Canada's game, the sport also has a deep legacy of international play. Nuggets of information abound in this book, and it's all here—everything from the "Miracle on Ice" to the "Lucky Loonie," from the last days of hockey's Cold War, to the first Russian player to enter the NHL. Test your knowledge-can you make it to the medal round?

Don Weekes is an award-winning television producer at CTV Montreal. He is the author of more than twenty books on hockey, including The Biggest Book of Hockey Trivia, World Class Hockey Trivia, and Hockey's Top 100: The Game's Greatest Records.


From Chapter One: Hockey Night on Planet Earth

Who is Captain Canada? What qualifications are required for membership in the Triple Gold Club? When did Europeans first play hockey, North American–style? In our opening chapter of general questions, we challenge your trivia mojo on everything from the most lopsided score on record to the finest game ever played. Along the way, we check out some of the world game’s greatest superheroes, its most villainous act and the nastiest dictator ever to rule behind the bench. Then, we size up your shot on a hat trick of historic firsts that changed the sport’s rulebook; and several defining moments that tore down the wall separating the NHL universe from the “other” hockey played on the international stage. Comrades, sharpen your blades and sickles, and say hello to Hockey Night on Planet Earth.

1.1 Which country achieved an international first with a double gold, winning the Olympics and World Championships in the same year?
A. The Soviet Union in 1972
B. Czechoslovakia in 1976
C. Canada in 2002
D. Sweden in 2006

1.2 What was Bobby Orr’s only major outing in world competition?
A. The 1968 Winter Olympics
B. The 1972 Summit Series
C. The 1976 Canada Cup
D. Bobby Orr never played international hockey

1.3 What sport in Europe declined in popularity after North American hockey was introduced there during the 1920s?
A. Bandy
B. Lacrosse
C. Hurley
D. Shinty