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Yours, Befana

Yours, Befana

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  • ISBN: 9781778401466
  • Tags: All Books, Children's Books,
  • Dimensions: 11 x 7.25
  • Published On: 9/10/2024
  • 32 Pages

A perfect holiday read for kids 5-8, this beautiful book shares a letter from Befana, the winter witch.

Befana is a remarkable character from Italian folklore. On the 6th of January, she flies on a broom through the icy winter sky to visit children and bring them presents. In this stunningly illustrated book, Befana shares her secrets in a letter to all children: how she wears her warmest cloak for the journey, and sips a special soup that makes her invisible when visiting homes. She fills the stockings of some children with sweets, but leaves lumps of coal in others. For people of all ages, she brings the most precious gift of all: the promise of Spring, and nature’s rebirth.

This enchanting story provides:

  • Backmatter with facts about Befana and other winter witch traditions
  • A conversation starter about different holiday and winter traditions around the world
  • Enchanting illustrations that capture the magic of Befana and the beauty of winter
  • Insight into Italian folklore for kids
Destined to become a treasured part of holiday traditions, kids will ask to be read Yours, Befana again and again.

Barbara Cuoghi has a PhD in animal biology and has carried out research laboratories and has scientific contributions in national and international journals. In 2006, she obtained her teaching degree and, today, she works as a tenured teacher of mathematics at the secondary school level. She’s always had a special interest in La Befana (she was born on the same day!) and has been passionately researching the life and lore of Befana for many years. She lives in Modena, Italy.


Elenia Beretta is an artist, author, and illustrator whose work has appeared in many publications including New York Times, Vogue, Washington Post, and Rebel Girls. She is the author and illustrator of the children’s picture book We Love Pizza! and co-founder of Drawing Nights Berlin (@drawingnightsberlin). She draws artistic inspiration from many sources including films, old photographs, art, and literature. She lives in Berlin, Germany.