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Climate Capitalism—Book Tour 2024

Through stories that bring people, policy and technology together, Akshat Rathi reveals how the green economy is not only possible, but profitable. This inspiring blend of business, science, and history provides the framework for ensuring that future generations can live in prosperity and that the wheels of progress don't falter. 

Read all about it in Climate Capitalism, available for purchase anywhere books are sold. Join Akshat Rathi on tour as he discusses his book, and more!

New Haven, CT | April 1, 5.30pm
Yale University
Princeton, NJ | April 2, 4.30pm
Princeton University
Panel discussion with Prof Jesse Jenkins, Robinson Meyer & Sophie Purdom
Philadelphia, PA | April 3, 10.30am
Society of Environment Journalists Conference
Panel discussion with Shannon Jankowski, Phil Newell & Emily Holden
Washington, DC | April 4, 4pm
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
In conversation with Noah J. Gordon
Ann Arbor, MI | April 5, 4pm
University of Michigan
In conversation with Prof Venkat Viswanathan
Washington, DC | April 9, 8.30am
Atlantic Council
Boston, MA | April 11, 11.45am
MIT Sloan School of Management
In conversation with Prof Jason Jay 
Boston, MA | April 11, 2pm
The Engine
In conversation with Katie Rae
Boston, MA | April 11, 4pm
Harvard University
In conversation with Prof Peter Tufano
New York, NY | April 15, 6pm
Bloomberg News
In conversation with Aaron Rutkoff
New York, NY | April 16, 9am
Columbia University
Panel discussion at Global Energy Summit 
New York, NY | April 16, 6pm
New York University
In conversation with Amy Jaffe




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