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  • ISBN: 9781778401367
  • Tags: All Books, Pets,
  • Dimensions: 9 x 6
  • Published On: 10/1/2024
  • 288 Pages

The must-have guide to addressing anxious, fearful, or reactive behaviors in your dog through positive reinforcement, from certified dog trainer and animal behaviorist Zazie Todd.

Is your dog showing signs of fear, anxiety, or reactivity, such as biting, food guarding, shyness, or aggressive barking? You’re not alone. Close to 75% of dogs struggle with fear-based behaviors, and require our support and understanding to feel safe and secure.

In Bark!, Zazie Todd provides solutions for these behaviors. Decoding the latest canine science, she shows readers how to address the root cause of your dog’s fears, with expert advice and practical tips on:

  • How to tackle common canine fears, such as loud noises, the vet, separation anxiety, and other dogs.
  • How to manage a dog’s natural fear responses through positive reinforcement.
  • How to keep your dog, yourself, and others safe when they are fearful or reactive.
  • How to create safe havens for your dog, and make yourself a secure base for them no matter where they are.
Compassionate, practical, and rooted in science, Bark! helps dog owners understand the many factors that might be causing fear within your dog, and how you can help them lead a safe and happy life.

Praise for WAG by Zazie Todd
"A must-have guide to improving your dog's life."—Modern Dog Magazine

“The author’s evidence-based analysis simplifies the science and reduces essential elements into practical, replicable activities geared toward enriching a dog’s life.”—Library Journal, STARRED Review

“Dog owners and those considering becoming one should appreciate Todd’s substantial insight into how dogs and humans relate to one another.”—Publishers Weekly

Zazie Todd is the author of the critically acclaimed books Wag and Purr, and writes Companion Animal Psychology, an award-winning blog that shares the latest science about our animal companions and evidence-based ways to care for them. She has a PhD in Psychology and is an honors graduate of the Academy for Dog Trainers, affiliate member of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, and adjunct professor at Canisius College.