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Ten Technologies to Save the Planet

Energy Options for a Low-Carbon Future

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  • ISBN: 9781553656241
  • Tags: Chris Goodall, Nature & Environment, Science,
  • Published On: 01/05/2010
  • 320 Pages

Energy Options for a Low-Carbon Future Practical solutions for meeting our energy demands while combatting climate change on a large scale, from "the David Suzuki of Britain."

Respected, authoritative, award-winning author Chris Goodall adds new material to the climate change debate. His engaging and balanced volume—popular science writing at its most crucial—is arguably the most readable, most comprehensive overview of large-scale solutions to climate change available. Everyone agrees we need to slash global greenhouse emissions. But how do we achieve that goal? Goodall profiles ten technologies to watch, explaining how they work and telling the stories of the inventors, scientists, and entrepreneurs who are driving them forward. Some of Goodall's selections, such as the electric car, are familiar. Others, like algae and charcoal, are more surprising.


Ten Technologies to Save the Planet combines cutting-edge analysis and straightforward explanations about the pros and cons of each proposed solution and busts myths along the way.


Chris Goodall holds an MBA from Harvard and is a leading expert on climate change solutions. He writes a column on the environment in the Independent on Sunday and regularly appears on Newsnight and other television shows. His previous book, How to Live a Low-carbon Life, won the 2007 Clarion Award for nonfiction. He also publishes Carbon Commentary, a Web site providing incisive appraisal of climate issues. He lives in London, England.


"Goodall provides a realistic game plan for battling global warming that will attract readers interested in learning about possible practical solutions." -Library Journal

"An on-the-ground, up-to-date idea of where these [green] technologies are and what role they could play in reducing emissions . . . What this book does is address the various ways in which one can actually combat climate change . . . [Goodall is] very much a realist. There are others who write about technology who don’t know how business works, who don’t have the experience to make an educated guess about which technologies really do have a chance of being economically viable." -Duncan Clark

"Known as the 'David Suzuki of Britain,' Chris Goodall offers practical solutions for combating climate change in [Ten] Technologies to Save the Planet." -Quill & Quire