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The Great Lakes

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  • ISBN: 9781553658931
  • Tags: Bruce Litteljohn, Emily Damstra, Nature & Environment, Science, Wayne Grady,
  • Published On: 28/10/2007
  • 360 Pages

Five immense lakes lie at the heart of North America. They comprise the world's largest freshwater system, containing 95 percent of the continent's fresh water, and one-fifth of the planet's total supply. The Great Lakes drainage basin is home to 40 million people and is the hub of industry and agriculture in North America. Its rich mineral deposits and natural resources have attracted and sustained human and wildlife populations for more than ten thousand years.

The Great Lakes: A Natural History is the most authoritative, complete, and accessible book to date about the biology and ecology of this vital, ever-changing lake system. Written by one of Canada's best-known science and nature writers, Wayne Grady this essential resource features superb nature photography and numerous sidebars that focus on specific animal, plant and invertebrate species.

Published in partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation. Also available in hardcover.

Wayne Grady is one of Canada's finest science writers and a Governor General's Award-winning translator. He has authored eleven books of nonfiction, translated fourteen novels, and edited more than a dozen anthologies of short stories and creative nonfiction.