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Coming Fall 2019: Voice of Rebellion

Vancouver, BC – Greystone Books has acquired World All Language rights to Voice of Rebellion: How the Oprah of Afghanistan Brought Hope to a Country, a compelling biography of Afghan celebrity and activist Mozhdah Jamalzadah (official site).

Many have tried to silence her, but Mozhdah Jamalzadah remains the most powerful female voice of her generation in Afghanistan, boldly speaking out about women’s rights in her home country and beyond.

Voice of Rebellion charts the activist’s journey: from arriving in Canada as a child refugee, to setting her father’s protest poem to music (and making it a #1 hit), to performing that song for Michelle and Barack Obama, to hosting her own show in post-Taliban Afghanistan. The Mozhdah Show tackled taboo subjects like divorce and domestic violence for the first time in the country’s history. But even as it empowered women, the show ignited anger and death threats from critics, and Mozhdah was eventually forced to return to Canada. Today, she continues to release new music and spread her message of equality, even from afar.

Beautifully written, and as bold as Mozhdah herself, Voice of Rebellion is an essential companion for today’s modern and inclusive feminist movements.

Roberta Staley is a magazine editor, writer, and documentary filmmaker. She has reported from Afghanistan, El Salvador, Haiti, Cambodia, Israel, and more countries around the world. Her award-winning documentary, Mightier Than the Sword, reveals how Afghan women in media are working to overcome a culture of silence and invisibility.

Greystone Books is a trade book publisher that focuses on high-quality nonfiction. Greystone is based in Vancouver, Canada, with offices in the UK and United States.

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