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Stampede Ventures Options Rick McIntyre's “The Alpha Wolves of Yellowstone” Non-Fiction Books Series

Los Angeles - November 21, 2023 - Stampede Ventures announced today that they have optioned the rights to the first three books in the bestselling non-fiction series “The Alpha Wolves of Yellowstone” written by Rick McIntyre, published by Greystone Books. Zack Stentz (Thor, X-Men) is attached as screenwriter and co-producer with Geoff Clark and their production company Electric Brain Entertainment. Will Stenberg is co-writing. McIntyre will consult.

A retired National Park ranger, McIntyre has spent 40 years observing wolves in the wild––28 of those years in Yellowstone National Park––and has recorded over 100,000 wolf sightings, more than any other person on the planet. A renowned wolf behaviorist, he was one of the first park rangers to work on the Yellowstone Wolf Reintroduction Project and educate the public about the park’s wolves. In his acclaimed books, The Rise of Wolf 8, The Reign of Wolf 21, and The Redemption of Wolf 302, McIntyre brings readers into the wilds of Yellowstone, providing intimate and gripping portraits of three remarkable alpha wolves and their packs across several generations. McIntyre was recently featured on the popular NPR radio program and podcast This American Life discussing the famous Wolf 8 and his own life and career in Yellowstone.

Rick McIntyre said: "I’ve spent nearly three decades studying Yellowstone's wolves and learning their stories. Wolf 8 was bullied when young but grew up to be one of our greatest alpha males. He adopted wolf 21 when he was a fatherless pup. 21’s story centers on his long term relationship with female alpha wolf 42 and the quest he went on when he lost her. 21's nephew, wolf 302, continually messed things up for himself, but late in life became a great hero.  Zack Stentz is the perfect choice to bring these epic stories to the screen."

Greg Silverman, CEO and Founder, Stampede Ventures, said: “As a national park lover, the new generations of wolves in Yellowstone are so fascinating. Rick’s genuine interest in these amazing endangered creatures really drives home to so many people who want to learn more about them. We are excited to bring this history lesson and compelling wolf hierarchy saga to animal lovers worldwide with the message that humans really do affect the environments they move to. With Zack on board, we are looking to pull at heartstrings and encourage viewers to be mindful of these captivating predators.”

Zack Stentz said: “Ever since my brother sent me an interview with Rick, I’ve been obsessed with his stories of the Yellowstone wolves. As described in his books, the wolves' rivalries, loves, and power struggles read more like the saga of feuding royal families than an account of wild animal behavior. And when a Twitter thread about his research unexpectedly went viral, I was lucky enough to get to know Rick, which made me even more passionate to adapt his books and bring his stories of Yellowstone’s alpha wolves to the world.”

Best known for his writing on X-Men: First Class, Thor, and Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, Zack Stentz grew up in rural Northern California and brings a lifelong love of the outdoors and nature to his writing. He currently has multiple feature and television projects in development, several of them like Alpha Wolves of Yellowstone written with his younger brother Will Stenberg. Stentz is repped by Susan Solomon-Shapiro, and Hansen, Jacobson, Teller, Hoberman, Newman, Warren, Richman, Rush, Kaller, Gellman, Meigs & Fox.

Stampede Ventures recent film titles include the Morgan Neville and Jeff Malmberg Netflix documentary The Saint of Second Chances which was released last month, Lionsgate’s Ordinary Angels starring Hilary Swank and Alan Ritchson and coming to theaters this February, and Space Cadet starring Emma Roberts, Poppy Liu, Gabrielle Union, Tom Hopper and Sebastian Yatra which will be released next year on Amazon Prime International.


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