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Happy holidays from Greystone Books!

As we already know, books make the best gifts, since they really are the gifts that keep on giving! Read on for our holiday gift guide: From nature lovers and budding naturalists to scatterbrains and meditative thinkers, 
Greystone has a book for everyone on your list. 


For nature lovers: How to Catch a Mole 
by Marc Hamer

At once a highly original memoir and an ode to the mole, this unexpected—and delightfully strange—book reveals, at its core, a rare vision of the natural world: as an essential and precious source of sorrow and joy. 

Part memoir, part meditation on nature,
How to Catch a Mole is the perfect gift for the nature-curious folks on your list.

by Bernd Brunner

A sweeping, beautiful survey of all things winter, from ancient traditions to modern pastimes, and the creatures and people who endure winter’s harshest expression. 

With beautiful photos and prose that entwine the spectacular with the everyday, Winterlust: Finding Beauty in the Fiercest Season will make even the most winter-adverse readers reconsider their views of the coldest season.


For young naturalists: Can you Hear the Trees Talking?
by Peter Wohlleben

It’s The Hidden Life of Trees, for kids! Peter shares his imaginative storytelling style with children in this wonderful book, asking surprising questions about the forest  with exciting quizzes, photographs, and hands-on activities to help even the most reluctant learners discover the answers. It’s the perfect gift for young naturalists and forest fanatics alike. And check out the Can You Hear the Trees Talking?  Companion Guide for Teachers and Parents!


For fans of Game of Thrones: The Rise of Wolf 8
by Rick McIntyre

The first in The Alpha Wolves of Yellowstone: A Trilogy, The Rise of Wolf 8 tells the incredible true story of Wolf 8: a brave, big-hearted (and little) alpha wolf. Authored by Rick McIntyre, who spent 15 years observing the wolves, The Rise of Wolf 8 brings the wolves’ way of life, their relationships—and their rivalries—to life. 

An Best Science Book of 2019
, The Rise of Wolf 8 is the ideal gift for animals lovers, and those looking for a story that's as action-packed as Game of Thrones


For those looking for some small-town nostalgia: Every Little Scrap and Wonder
by Carla Funk

Esteemed essayist and poet Carla Funk traces the changing seasons and brings her small-town childhood to life in this glorious, idiosyncratic memoir. Every Little Scrap and Wonder is the perfect gift for meditative thinkers, and anyone who grew up in a small town (or wishes they did!). 

For activists: Voice of Rebellion 
by Roberta Staley

The first-ever biography of Mozhdah Jamalzadah: refugee, pop singer, and champion of women’s rights. Authored by award-winning documentary-filmmaker Roberta Staley, Voice of Rebellion tracks Jamalzadah’s incredible journey, in prose that bring her transformative experiences to life. Voice of Rebellion is the perfect gift for the seasoned and burgeoning activists on your list. 


For the science buffs (and scatterbrains!) in your life: Scatterbrain
by Henning Beck

In an era that demands perfection, Henning Beck, an esteemed neuroscientist, takes an opposite approach, showing how the brain’s flaws help us create, innovate, and succeed. 

With hilarious asides, and brain-boosting advice, Scatterbrain is a great gift for the science-lovers in your life, or for those who need a little reassurance that blunders and “brain farts” are what make us perfect.

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