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Jen Gauthier to take on new role as Associate Publisher!

We are delighted to announce that Jen Gauthier has taken on the role of Associate Publisher at Greystone Books, effective immediately. 
Jen has been with Greystone since the company became an independent publisher in 2013. Previously, Jen served as Sales Manager with D&M Publishers where Greystone had been an imprint. Under her leadership as Greystone’s Sales and Marketing Director, the company has achieved multiple New York Times bestsellers and was named one of the fastest growing independent publishers in North America by Publisher’s Weekly. In 2019, Jen oversaw the launch of the Greystone Kids imprint and its critically acclaimed titles including the 2019 Governor General’s Award finalist, BirdsongThroughout it all, “Jen has been instrumental in helping Greystone reach its reputational and financial goals,” said publisher Rob Sanders. “When Jen came on board at Greystone,” he continued, “our exciting corporate journey truly started, bringing us to where we are today. Jen has always kept her eyes focused clearly on our destination, and it is very appropriate that she be recognized for the role she has been performing so well for Greystone Books and Greystone Kids.”
Congratulations, Jen!

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