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Coming 2019: Every Little Scrap and Wonder

 A Luminous Portrait of a Mennonite Childhood, from Award-Winning Writer Carla Funk

Vancouver, BC – Greystone Books is proud to announce it has acquired World all-language rights to Every Little Scrap and Wonder, an eloquent memoir about small-town childhood by award-winning writer Carla Funk.

“Rural, small-town living magnifies the world,” says Funk of growing up in the Mennonite settlement of Vanderhoof. “The open spaces, the close-up view of the natural world and all its creatures, the slower pace of change—they’ve taught me to pay attention to the quiet, hidden details, to see the pattern in the pieces, and to lean in and listen for the essential truth inside the story.” Those hidden details are beautifully interwoven throughout the memoir, in which Funk offers a fascinating look at her unconventional childhood in all its weird glory.

But Every Little Scrap and Wonder is more than just a captivating read. With gentle warmth and humour, Funk offers poignant reflections on a place where beauty and brutality live together in one discord alongside thoughtful musings on the inheritance of memory, story, and tradition. Part ode to childhood, part love letter to the quintessential rural life, and part meditation, the result is a gorgeously rendered account of a remarkable upbringing and the wonder it can inspire.

Every Little Scrap and Wonder was acquired in a two-book deal facilitated by Jackie Kaiser at Westwood Creative Artists. Greystone plans to publish the book in 2019.


Carla Funk was born and raised in Vanderhoof, one of the earliest Mennonite settlements in British Columbia, Canada. She is the author of five books of poetry, the former poet laureate for the City of Victoria, and a recipient of The Malahat Review’s esteemed Constance Rooke Nonfiction Prize.

Greystone Books is a Vancouver-based trade book publisher that focuses on high-quality non-fiction.

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