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Knocking Out Stereotypes with Author Louise Green

Greystone author Louise Green recently wrote an article for Impact Magazine addressing the widespread stereotype that "big girls" can't be fit. A plus-sized athlete herself, Green wrote Big Fit Girl (coming March 2017) to inspire women of all shapes and sizes to get active. 

In her article, Green stresses that: "'Athlete,' as defined by the Oxford Dictionary, means a person who is proficient in fitness or sport. Proficient. Oxford does not mention age, gender, race or physical size."

So no matter who you are, your athletic dreams can come true. 

Be sure to read the full article here.

Filled with motivational stories, gear recommendations for bigger bodies, and practical advice for goal setting and beyond, Big Fit Girl encourages each and every one of us to get moving and get healthy, no matter your size. 

Be sure to preorder Big Fit Girl from your local bookstore or Amazon.


Featured photo credit: Jason Briscoe 

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