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Shark & the Albatross for Banff Book Award

The Shark and the Albatross has been long-listed as a finalist for the Banff Book Awards in the Adventure Travel category.
The Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival celebrates authors, artists, filmmakers, and adventurers who embrace the culture and energy of the mountain lifestyle. The Banff Mountain Book Competition is an internationally recognized literary competition that awards over $16,000 each year to relevant and extraordinary books.
The Shark and the Albatross by John Aitchison features the daring and thoughtfully-rendered adventures of a filmmaker who travels to the ends of the earth to document animal lives. The book tells the story of these journeys of discovery, and Aitchison’s encounters with animals in faraway and sometimes dangerous places. His destinations range from the remotest parts of Alaska and the Antarctic to India and China.


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